Why Couple Should Choose Kashmir for their Honeymoon?

Kashmir tour

A honeymoon is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience that underlines the start of a gorgeous journey together for newlyweds. When you are choosing the ideal destination, Kashmir comes up as a charming paradise that enthrals couples with gorgeous landscapes, a romantic ambience, and even cultural richness.  Here are some points showing why should you choose to go for Kashmir Holiday with your beloved for your honeymoon.

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Romantic and warm Houseboats

Ah, one of the distinct features of Kashmir is its houseboats. Floating on the Dal Lake, you have no idea how these houseboats offer you an intimate and romantic experience for honeymooners. Ornated with traditional Kashmiri handicrafts and even equipped with modern amenities, these houseboats provide you with a cosy and private retreat.  If you are a couple then you can enjoy the breathtaking views from the deck, enjoy delicious local cuisine, and even create unforgettable type of memories in the middle of the gentle ripples of the overall lake.

The pristine beauty 

Kashmir is one place that is mostly referred to as the Paradise on Earth brags unparalleled scenic beauty. The snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, rich lakes, luxurious green valleys, and even blooming gardens form a mesmerizing backdrop for couples looking for a romantic escape. The iconic and charmingly enthralling Dal Lake, surrounded by majestic mountains, provides you with an idyllic setting for a shikara ride, permitting couples to immerse themselves in the exciting tranquillity and serenity of the environs.

Prospering Gardens

Well, nobody would degree that Kashmir is one place that is popular and loved for its beautiful Mughal Gardens, like that of Shalimar Bagh, even Nishat Bagh, and Chashme Shahi. These landscaped gardens, underlined with vibrant flowers and fountains, provide you with a romantic setting for couples to walk hand in hand. The fragrance of blooming flowers, coupled with the calming sound of flowing water, adds to the charming atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for newlyweds to share intimate times. You must check out Kashmir packages from Pune and go for this enjoyable and esteemed trip.

Do adventure and explore the avenues 

If you are one of the couple seeking adventure, Kashmir is one place that offers you a diversity of outdoor activities. From trekking in the scenic mountains to even river rafting in the gushing rivers, the overall region provides opportunities for bonding over thrilling experiences. The well-known Gulmarg, adored for its snow-covered grades, is a heaven for skiing enthusiasts. All this can promise you a unique and wonderful way for couples to connect and even create lasting memories. Your Kashmir tours from Pune can also include adventure activities for you.

Rich cultures 

You must understand that Kashmir has a rich and excitingly beautiful cultural heritage that adds a distinct dimension to the honeymoon experience. Couples can easily explore the vibrant local markets, even popular for their traditional Kashmiri handicrafts like Pashmina shawls, vibrant carpets, and exquisite types of jewellery pieces. When you engage with the local culture, you will get to taste the rich authentic Kashmiri cuisine with your beloved and also attend traditional music and dance performances to provide your couple with a deeper understanding of your cultural tapestry.


To sum up, when you choose wisely a Pune to Kashmir tour package for your honeymoon in Kashmir, all you get is contentment and unforgettable memories.

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