Pollyanna McIntosh – From Walking Dead to Vikings: Valhalla

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Pollyanna McIntosh is a Scottish actress and director who has appeared in various films and TV shows, such as The Woman, The Walking Dead, Hap and Leonard, and Darlin’. She is also set to play Queen Ælfgifu of Denmark in the upcoming Netflix series Vikings: Valhalla.

Early life and career

Pollyanna McIntosh was born on March 15, 1979 in Dunbartonshire, Scotland. She spent her childhood in Portugal, Colombia and Edinburgh before moving to London at 16. She started her acting career as an actress and director in independent films and theatre. Her first film role was in Headspace (2005), a horror movie about a man who develops psychic abilities after meeting a mysterious stranger.

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Breakthrough roles

Pollyanna McIntosh gained recognition for her performance in Exam (2009), a thriller about eight candidates competing for a high-profile job. She was nominated for a BAFTA Award and a British Independent Film Award for her role as the Brunette, a smart and ambitious woman who tries to outwit her rivals. She also starred in The Woman (2011), a controversial horror film directed by Lucky McKee, where she played the titular character, a feral woman who is captured and tortured by a sadistic family. She won several awards for her portrayal of the Woman, including the Frightfest Award and the Fright Meter Award for Best Actress.

Pollyanna McIntosh Recent projects

Pollyanna McIntosh continued to work in various genres, such as comedy, drama, fantasy and sci-fi. She played Angel, a brutal and mysterious assassin, in the first season of Hap and Leonard (2016), a crime series based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale. She also joined the cast of The Walking Dead (2017–2018) as Jadis (or Anne), the leader of a group of scavengers who later becomes an ally of Rick Grimes. She reprised her role as Jadis in The Walking Dead: World Beyond (2021), a spin-off series that follows a group of young survivors in the post-apocalyptic world.

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In addition to acting, Pollyanna McIntosh also made her debut as a writer and director with Darlin’ (2019), a social issue horror film that serves as a sequel to The Woman. She also stars in the film as the Woman, who tries to rescue her feral daughter from a Catholic boarding school. The film premiered at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas in March 2019.

Pollyanna McIntosh Upcoming projects

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Pollyanna McIntosh is currently working on several projects, both in front of and behind the camera. She is set to play Queen Ælfgifu of Denmark in Vikings: Valhalla (2022), a historical drama series that follows the adventures of some of the most famous Vikings in history. She is also writing and directing Double Blind, a psychological thriller about two women who are trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

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Pollyanna McIntosh Personal Life

Pollyanna McIntosh was married to actor Grant Show from 2004 to 2011. They met on the set of Bats: Human Harvest (2007), a TV movie where they played soldiers fighting against mutant bats. She is currently dating actor Kailen Rosenberg, whom she met through mutual friends. She is also involved in various charitable causes, such as the Joshua Nolan Foundation, which supports young people with mental health issues.

Some facts about Pollyanna McIntosh

  • She is a Scottish actress and director born on March 15, 1979
  • She grew up in Portugal and Colombia before moving back to Scotland
  • She started her acting career at age 16 in London’s independent film and theatre scene
  • She is known for her roles in The Woman, Let Us Prey, Hap and Leonard, and The Walking Dead
  • She made her debut as a scriptwriter and director with the social issue horror film Darlin’ in 2019
  • She was married to actor Grant Show from 2004 to 2011

Pollyanna McIntosh net worth

Pollyanna McIntosh is a Scottish actress, writer and director who has starred in films and TV shows such as The Woman, The Walking Dead and Vikings: Valhalla. She was born in Edinburgh, Scotland on March 15, 1979, and began her acting career at the age of 16. She was married to actor Grant Show from 2004 to 2011. According to some sources, Pollyanna McIntosh net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2023.

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