All We Know About Kevin Durant Wife and Girlfriends

Kevin Durant Wife

In this article, we are talking about Kevin Durant Wife and Girlfriends. Kevin Durant is an NBA superstar and member of the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, was born in Washington, D.C. The two-time NBA champion has won numerous awards throughout his career, including NBA Rookie, MVP, Most Valuable Player, and two Olympic gold medals. Kevin Durant is well-known for his relationships with women off the court. He has never been married and has never had children.

Although Kevin has a history of being linked to various women and almost getting married, Kevin, a basketball player who ranks among the highest-paid in the world, and his mother Wanda have a tight relationship. We’ll discover the full dating history, wife, and girlfriend list for Kevin Durant today.

Who are the girlfriends and Kevin Durant wife?

No, Kevin is not married, has no children, and is reportedly still single. Kevin, though, came close to wedding NBA sensation Monica Wright.

Who is Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend, Monica Wright?

Kevin Durant Girlfriend Monica Wright

In 2013, WNBA point guard Monica Ashante Wright and Kevin Durant got engaged. But they never wed since they parted ways a few months after Kevin pooped the question. In an interview, he said that “he didn’t adore her the proper way.”

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American basketball player Monica Wright, who stands 5’10 in height, is currently a coach. Her WNBA career lasted until 2016 before she was forced to retire due to injuries.

Who is Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend, Lana Rhoades?

lana rhoades

On June 7th, when Lana revealed that she was single, she raised eyebrows on her 3 Girls 1 Kitchen show. Despite being on a date with a Brooklyn Nets player, the influencer did not specifically identify the basketball player.

But once Lana disclosed that the Brooklyn Nets player is a libra, the fan learned who the enigmatic NBA legend was. Well, for Nancy Drew fans who like a good solution, it was claimed that KD is likely the only player on the team to be a Libra.

Kevin Durant Girlfriend Lana Rhoades

However, their alleged romance seems to be short-lived. The basketball player who was out with Lana complained that she wasn’t “spicy enough” and that he was “boring.”

Now, if Kevin Durant is the mysterious player from Lana’s narrative, he hasn’t said so. But rumours of their apparent affair circulated among fans.

Apryl Jones and Kevin Durant

Apryl Jones

American reality television star Apryl Jones is a member of the Love & Hip Hop cast. The two were reportedly seen together and making out.

Jones, has been accused of dating Lil Fizz and Dr Dre among other famous people. In a YouTube video, she claimed to be polyamorous and refuted the claim that she dated Durant.

Cassandra Anderson and Kevin Durant

Cassandra Anderson

Durant dated Cassandra Anderson in 2018, and she was frequently spotted supporting him at sporting events. People reportedly observed he didn’t kiss her after a game in October of that year, leading to rumours that the two may have broken up.

After breaking up with Durant, Cassandra, who is now an estate agent, deleted her Instagram account.

Jasmine Shine and Kevin Durant

Jasmine Shine

Also included as one of Kevin Durant’s girlfriends is Jasmine Shine. Although the start date of this link is unclear, it was reported to have ended in 2016. Durant has to focus on the 2016 postseason.

Amy Shehab, Brittney Elena, Ashley Champ, Dai Fraizer, Joie Chavis, Teyana Taylor, and LeToya Luckett-Walker are also said to have crossed paths with Kevin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kevin Durant married?

According to various sources, Kevin Durant is **not married** and he might not even have a girlfriend at the moment. He was engaged to Monica Wright, a former WNBA player, in 2013, but they broke up shortly after.

How tall is Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant is one of the tallest players in the league, with a real height of 6’11 (2.11m) without shoes and 7′ (2.13m) with shoes. His official height is listed as 6’9, but he has admitted that he lied about it to avoid being labelled as a power forward or a centre.

How old is Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant is 34 years old and plays for the Phoenix Suns of the NBA.

How many rings does Kevin Durant have?

Kevin Durant has won two championship rings in his career, both with the Golden State Warriors in 2017 and 2018.

How much does Kevin Durant weigh?

Kevin Durant is officially listed at 6 feet 10 inches tall and 240 pounds. Some sources suggest that Kevin Durant weighed 215 pounds when he entered the league and has gained 25 pounds since then. Others claim that he still weighs around 220 pounds, and his official weight is exaggerated.

How many championships does Kevin Durant have?

Kevin Durant has also been part of two NBA championship teams, both with the Golden State Warriors. He won his first ring in 2017 when he was named the Finals MVP after defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games. He repeated the feat in 2018, winning his second ring and second Finals MVP, as the Warriors swept the Cavaliers in four games. As of 2023, Kevin Durant has two championship rings.

Kevin Durant net worth?

As of August 2023, Kevin Durant net worth is estimated to be around $200 million, according to various sources.

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