Overview of SBI Apprentice Exam

SBI Apprentice

The State Bank of India (SBI) every year puts forth the notification for the recruitment of candidates for the Apprentice post in various branches across the country.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the apprentice in the SBI? What sort of training the candidates undergo for the post? This article will give answers about the SBI Apprentice post.

Like all exams having to do with SBI, the selection process is a competitive phase. Having some preparation tips in handy will be of immense help for the candidates.

Hence this article will also give preparation tips for the SBI Apprentice Exam.

Details of the SBI Apprentice Exam

When a candidate becomes an apprentice, they will be working under the guidance of a senior bank official. The task of an apprentice is to assist in daily administrative work. In their training phase, they will be taught relationship management, designing financial products and handling customer grievance redressal.

It should be noted that being an apprentice at the SBI is nothing short of a training opportunity. It does not necessarily mean that it guarantees a permanent position at an SBI branch. However, the opportunity of being an SBI Apprentice will mean they will acquire skills in administration, marketing etc.

In addition to the above mentioned duties, the candidate will also get a first hand experience at the work culture of SBI in the 1 year duration they will spend there.

Since this is an apprenticeship programme, candidates will receive an internship certificate after the training period. The experience and the certificate often come in handy when aspirants seek jobs in private sector banks. Candidates who have attended SBI Apprentice programme are in huge demand in the job market.

Hence we can say that in the SBI Apprentice job profile, there is no career growth or promotion in the SBI Apprentice internship programme.

Preparation tips for the SBI Apprentice Exam

The SBI Apprentice Exam consists of the following subjects:

  1. General awareness/financial awareness
  2. General English
  3. Quantitative aptitude
  4. Reasoning ability and computer aptitude

Each subject has a different approach when it comes to studying them. How to tackle each subject with maximum coverage will be elucidated in the tips given below.

Preparation tips for SBI Apprentice Exam – English

  • Cover rules for grammar and its use.
  • Practice objective questions with the help of reference books or with the help of test series.
  • To cover reading comprehension, one can read novels and newspapers. This will help in getting a better understanding of the topics.
  • Topics such as synonyms, antonyms and one-word substitutions.

Preparation tips for SBI Apprentice Exam – Reasoning and quantitative aptitude

  • Covering elementary mathematics is a vital step in your SBI Apprentice Exam preparation.
  • Maintain a separate notepad to note down important points. This will help in remembering important formulas in a jiffy.
  • It is also important to practice previous years’ SBI Apprentice question papers. This will help in getting a better understanding of the type of questions that will come their way.

Preparation tips for SBI Apprentice Exam – General awareness/financial awareness

  • Read the banking and finance-related sections of the newspapers. Being abreast of current affairs in this segment is a wise thing to do.
  • Questions from international affairs will also be featured regularly in the exam.
  • Current affairs and GK updates can be done through regular booklets and newspapers or through some reference books for SBI Apprentice.
  • Regularly revise and brush up on topics previously covered.
  • The practice of question paper will help have good speed over the questions with accuracy and time management.

Now that the details of the SBI Apprentice Exam has been given, along with the preparation tips to boot, candidates can check the SBI Apprentice Exam Dates to stay abreast with the latest information regarding it.

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