Henk Rogers Net Worth: The Man Behind Tetris

Henk Rogers Net Worth

Henk Rogers net worth is estimated to be around $50 million as of 2023. If you are a fan of video games, you have probably played or heard of Tetris, one of the most iconic and influential games of all time. But do you know who the man is responsible for bringing Tetris to the world? His name is Henk Rogers, a Dutch-born American entrepreneur and video game designer.

From The Black Onyx to Tetris

Henk Rogers was born in Amsterdam on December 24, 1953, and moved to New York when he was 11. He attended Stuyvesant High School and later studied Computer Science at the University of Hawaii.

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In 1983, he founded Bullet-Proof Software (later called Blue Planet Software), a video game developer and publisher based in Japan. He created The Black Onyx, the first major turn-based role-playing game from Japan, which became a hit and inspired many other games in the genre.

Henk Rogers Net Worth

However, his biggest success came in 1988, when he discovered Tetris, a puzzle game created by Russian designer Alexey Pajitnov. Rogers was fascinated by the game and decided to acquire its rights for video game consoles. He negotiated a deal with Nintendo and then travelled to the Soviet Union to meet Pajitnov and secure the rights from Elektronorgtechnica (ELORG), a state-owned software company.

Rogers convinced ELORG about Tetris’ potential in the global market and obtained international rights for home gaming systems. He then promoted the game, which became a worldwide phenomenon, especially after its release on Nintendo’s handheld system, the Game Boy.

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Rogers also co-founded The Tetris Company with Pajitnov, which licenses the Tetris trademark and oversees the development of new versions of the game. Tetris has sold over 520 million copies and is one of the highest-selling video games of all time.

From Video Games to Clean Energy

Henk Rogers moved to Hawaii in the 1990s and became interested in environmental issues after suffering a near-fatal heart attack in 2005. He founded the Blue Planet Foundation in 2007, a non-profit organization that advocates for clean energy and fights climate change. The foundation led the campaign to make Hawaii the first state in the US to implement a 100% renewable energy law in 2015.

Rogers also launched Blue Startups in 2012, a startup accelerator that mentors invests in, and supports technology startups in Hawaii and the cross-Pacific region. He also founded Blue Planet Energy in 2015, one of the leading providers of energy storage systems that use lithium-ion batteries with a safer and more durable chemistry than conventional ones.

A Legend in the Video Game Industry

Rogers is widely regarded as one of the pioneers and legends of the video game industry. He has received numerous awards and honours for his contributions, such as being inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame in 2005, receiving the Game Developers Choice Pioneer Award in 2009, and being named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Gaming by IGN in 2019.

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He is also the subject of a biopic film titled Tetris, which was released on Apple TV+ on March 31, 2023. The film stars Taron Egerton as Rogers and tells the story of how he brought Tetris to the world amid political tensions and legal battles during the Cold War era.

Henk Rogers is a remarkable example of how passion, vision, and perseverance can lead to success and innovation. He has not only created and promoted one of the most beloved games of all time, but also dedicated his life to making the world a better place through clean energy and entrepreneurship.

Henk Rogers Net Worth

According to some sources, Henk Rogers net worth is estimated to be around $50 million as of 2023.

Where Does Henk Rogers Live

He is married to Akemi Rogers and they have a family in Kailua-Kona on the west coast of Hawaii Island.

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