Amber Heard Net Worth, Defamation Suit, Career, Wiki, Dating History

Amber Heard Net Worth

Amber Heard net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $500 thousand. Amber Heard is a famous American actress and model who has appeared in many blockbuster movies and TV shows. She is also known for her activism and philanthropy, especially for LGBTQ+ rights and environmental causes. But how much is she worth in 2023? In this blog post, we will explore Amber Heard net worth, career, lifestyle, and dating history.

Amber Heard Career Highlights

Amber Heard started her acting career in 2004 when she moved to Los Angeles from Texas. She had minor roles in various films and TV shows, such as Friday Night Lights, Drop Dead Sexy, Criminal Minds, and The O.C. Her breakthrough came in 2008 when she starred in Pineapple Express and Never Back Down, two popular action-comedy films. She also received critical acclaim for her performance in The Informers, an adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’s novel.

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Since then, Amber Heard has appeared in many notable films, such as Zombieland, The Rum Diary, Drive Angry, The Danish Girl, and Justice League. She is best known for playing Mera, the queen of Atlantis, in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) films Aquaman and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. She is set to reprise her role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which is scheduled to be released in 2022.

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Amber Heard has also worked on several TV projects, such as The Playboy Club, The Prince, and The Stand. She has also been featured in several magazines, such as Maxim, FHM, GQ, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. She has also been a spokesperson for L’Oreal Paris and Guess.

 Amber Heard Net Worth and Earnings

According to various sources, Amber Heard net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $500 thousand. This is a significant decrease from her previous net worth of $12 million in 2022. The main reason for this drop is the legal battle she had with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, who sued her for defamation over an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post in 2018.

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In June 2022, a jury in Virginia found Amber Heard guilty of defaming Johnny Depp and ordered her to pay him $15 million in damages. However, the same jury also awarded Amber Heard $2 million for her counterclaim against Johnny Depp. The net result was that Amber Heard owed Johnny Depp $13 million. In December 2022, Johnny Depp agreed to accept a reduced payment of $1 million to settle the case once and for all.

The legal fees and damages took a toll on Amber Heard’s finances, as she had to sell some of her assets and properties to pay them off. She also lost some of her endorsement deals and film opportunities due to the negative publicity. However, she still has some sources of income from her ongoing projects and residuals from her previous works.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Amber Heard net worth is $10 million between 2013 and 2019 from her acting career. Her highest-earning year was 2019 when she made $3 million from Aquaman and other projects. She was paid $1 million for her first appearance as Mera in Aquaman and $2 million for her second appearance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. She also earned $200 thousand per episode of The Stand, a miniseries based on Stephen King’s novel.

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Amber Heard also had a lucrative contract with L’Oreal Paris, which paid her $1.625 million for two years. However, the contract was terminated in 2020 after the allegations of domestic violence against her surfaced. She also had deals with Guess and other brands, but their details are not publicly available.

Lifestyle and Expenses

Amber Heard lives a luxurious lifestyle despite her financial troubles. She owns several properties around the world, such as a penthouse in Los Angeles, a ranch in Texas, and a villa in Bali. She also owns several cars, such as a Ford Mustang, a Tesla Model S, and a Range Rover.

Amber Heard spends a lot of money on travel, fashion, charity, and legal fees. She travels frequently to different countries for work and leisure. She is also known for her stylish outfits and accessories, which she often showcases on social media. She supports various causes and organizations, such as Amnesty International, ACLU, GLAAD, UNICEF, and The Art of Elysium. She also has to pay for her lawyers, accountants, agents, and managers.

Amber Heard Dating History

Amber Heard has had a colourful dating history, involving both men and women. She came out as bisexual in 2010 and has dated several celebrities, such as photographer Tasya van Ree, actor Johnny Depp, tech mogul Elon Musk, and cinematographer Bianca Butti.

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Amber Heard met Johnny Depp on the set of The Rum Diary in 2011 and started dating him in 2012. They got married in 2015, but their marriage was short-lived and tumultuous. Amber Heard filed for divorce in 2016, accusing Johnny Depp of physical and verbal abuse. Johnny Depp denied the allegations and countersued her for defamation. Their divorce was finalized in 2017, with Amber Heard receiving $7 million as a settlement, which she donated to charity.

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After her divorce from Johnny Depp, Amber Heard dated Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, for about a year. They broke up in 2018 but remained friends. In 2020, Amber Heard started dating Bianca Butti, a cinematographer who worked on some of her films. They are still together as of 2023.


Amber Heard is a talented and beautiful actress who has achieved fame and success in Hollywood. However, she has also faced many challenges and controversies in her personal and professional life. Her net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $500 thousand, which is much lower than her previous net worth of $12 million. She has lost a lot of money due to her legal battle with Johnny Depp, but she still has some income from her ongoing projects and residuals. She lives a lavish lifestyle and supports various causes. She is currently dating Bianca Butti and is set to appear in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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